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                Castaway Bass Club is based out of Arlington, Texas and is a family friendly yet competitive bass club that believes in growing the sport of bass fishing.  Whether your a novice or experienced angler, you can find what your looking for in Castaway!

Arlington Results

Wes 1st and Big Bass, Alex 1st, Chris 3rd

      Arlington was typical Arlington. Not many fish brought to the scales, but boy were there some good ones. Over all was a good day for fishing. weather was ok, but the wind started to pick up a little later on. got to see a couple of new old faces also. Scott Belamy came out again, and Joe Crabtree fished with Scott. It was real good to see Joe get out with us again.

      By the numbers, we had 18 anglers hit the lake in 11 boats.  11 fish brought to the scale for a total of 34.12 Lbs. All fish were released to fight another day. Alex and Wes actually tied for first with each weighing 8.06 Lbs. Alex did it with 2 fish, while Wes did it with just 1 WOW, to bad Calcutta was broke last month. Chris rounded out the money with 1 fish that weighed 5.5 Lbs. Like I said, not a lot of fish, but some good ones.

     We will be heading to Grapevine to start our summer night swing. Personally my favorite time of the year. Please remember that we moved the July meeting to Thursday July 6th due to our regular meeting day falling on the 4th of July.. 

Until next month, good fishing to all, and tight lines. 



     Thanks to a great club,


     Cast-A-Way President


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