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2008 RULES


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Lake Selection:

1)     1. The Tournament Director will be elected in the November meeting the year before the new season. The newly elected tournament director will chair the lake selection process for the upcoming season. A Lake selection committee comprised of any member who wishes to participate will be formed and convene sometime before the Annual Awards dinner/banquet. The new schedule will be presented to the club membership during the awards dinner, scheduled in January of the next year.

2)    2.  The (8) eight one-day tournaments shall be located within a (125) one hundred and twenty-five mile radius at the intersection of Interstate 30 and State Highway 360 (between Grand Prairie and Arlington, TX). Tournaments will begin in February and the last regular event will be fished in November.

3)    3. There will be two 2-day events each year, one in April and one in October. There is no mileage limit for these two lakes, but the membership voted to make sure that the selection is within the Texas State boundaries. Discretion is advised during the selection process to factor in current economic factors such as fuel prices etc.

4)     4. All past members (current members) and paid new members shall receive the new tournament schedule in the January newsletter and it shall remain in all subsequent newsletters for that year.

5)     5. Cast-A-Way Bass Club Classic. To qualify, an angler must fish a minimum of 8 tournaments in that tournament year. The competition lake will be selected by the lake selection committee at the same time as the lakes selected for that tournament year. The committee will also establish a date that shall follow the last scheduled tournament for that year (this event shall be held separately from any other event). A $1.00 per person fee is collected (see fees below) for each event. The total amount collected through the season shall be applied to a special fee for the Classic (see fees below) and payback shall be according to the payback schedule currently used for the regular events.

6)    6.  In the event a regularly scheduled club tournament falls on a nationally recognized holiday weekend, the current club officers have the latitude, if so desired, to adjust the tournament event, in the best interest of the club.


1)     1. Membership dues shall be $20.00/individual or $25.00/family (family = spouse, and children under 18 years).

2)     2. Tournament fees are as follows:

$10.00 = 100% payback for place of finish

1-20 entrants, 3 places (50%, 30%, 20%)

21-30 entrants, 4 places (40%, 30%, 20%, 10%)

31-over entrants, 5 places (40%, 30%, 15%, 10%, 5%)

3)     3. $1.00 = mandatory contribution for sustaining club operating funds.

4)     4. $1.00 = mandatory contribution for top ten Cast-A-Way Bass Club Classic.

5)     5. $1.00 = optional Calcutta Big Bass Pot. Accrues until the first bass of 7lbs or over is weighed in. If more than one fish over 7lbs is weighed during that event, then the largest bass wins the pot. The pot will then start over. Members wishing to enter the pot at a later event must contribute an equal amount to the existing pot. The same applies to new members wishing to participate in the pot.

6)    6. Optional $2.00 “big bass” pot for each club-sanctioned tournament.  The optional big bass pot is awarded to the angler (entered in the pot), who weighs in the single heaviest bass during that tournament.  If the angler pays for Calcutta and for the optional big bass pot and fish weighs 7+ lb., he/she will be eligible for both pots (cash awards).  It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure his/her biggest bass is weighed independent of his/her other fish and recorded.

7)     7. If a member pays to fish a tournament and cannot fish the event the entry fee will be forfeited to that event.

8)    8. The Cast-A-Way Bass Club Classic will have an entry fee of $10.00, and an optional Big Bass fee of $2.00. The amount will be totaled with the amount collected from Item #4 above. The number of places that is paid will be in conjunction with the schedule listed in item #2.

9)    9. If a guest places in a money position in a tournament, the membership fee will be collected automatically. If there aren’t enough funds in the place of finish then the guest must join the club before fishing any other events that year.


1)    1. There will be (8) eight one-day tournaments in Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Nov.

2)    2. There will be (2) two 2-day Tournaments, one in April and one in October.

3)     3. A member not in attendance may send their entry fee to the meeting (by proxy, mail, or by hand before or at the meeting).

4)     4. All tournaments must be paid for, in advance, at the scheduled meeting just prior to the event.  Payment may be made by proxy or in advance. This includes the Cast-A-Way Bass Club Classic for which there will be a meeting held the Tuesday before the event.  Tournament dues are not refundable.

5)     5. All tournaments have a mandatory check-in prior to the start of the event at the weigh-in site. Tournament participants must pick up their weigh-in slip prior to launching and fishing and have it with them in the boat, while on the water. Trailering is allowed from the check-in location; at the time the Tournament Director releases the other members to start the tournament.  Late arrivals will find their weigh-in slips inside the bucket.  Remove your slip and have it ready upon your return for weigh-in.  Those individuals that are late to the weigh-in will not be allowed to have their fish weighed.

6)     6. Upon turning in the weigh-in slip, a member will not be allowed to fish anymore for that event.

7)     7. A container (bucket) will be provided for members to deposit the slip into upon their early departure from the event, or timely arrival for the scheduled weigh-in.  At the scheduled end of the event, the Director, or Assistant, will pickup and check-off those slips in the container.  Members whose slips are not in the container will not be allowed to have their fish weighed.  Members whose slips are not in the container and who are not physically at the weigh-in site will be considered “stranded on the water” and the other members will attempt to locate or otherwise remedy the situation to a safe conclusion.

8)    8. All tournaments shall be held on the second Saturday of the month.  A tournament that falls on a holiday weekend may be subject to the discretion of the officers and rescheduled in accordance with Rule #6 of the Lake Selection Rules. All club meetings shall be held on the Tuesday just prior to the scheduled tournament date. Tournament and Meeting dates shall be posted, complete with Lake Selection and Tournament Headquarter Locations, in the January and subsequent newsletters and club website.

9. The club standard shall be a minimum length limit of 10” (inches) where state regulations do not cover a minimum length limit, (on all “slot” lakes, 14”-21”, 14”-24”, 16”-24”, etc.). There will be a penalty of ˝ pound (8 ounces or .5lb) for each “DEAD FISH” brought to the weigh-in (members are encouraged to retain dead fish rather than turn them back to the lake).

10.  A guest may only participate in one tournament as a non-member. The guest will be subject to all Club rules.  Anyone that enjoys that event and chooses to participate in  another Cast-A-Way event, must join the club before they are allowed to participate in another club event.

11. As stated in the By-Laws, all protests, during an event, must be presented in writing to the Tournament Director prior to the completion of the weigh-in and payback presentation.  All decisions rendered at that time, by the Tournament Director, shall be final and binding.

12. Fish attractant lights of any kind are prohibited during all club-sanctioned tournaments.

13. Live bait of any kind is prohibited during all club-sanctioned tournaments (artificial lures only).

14. Trolling is prohibited with the gas/combustion engine during all club-sanctioned tournaments.

15. All fish must be brought to the scales in an appropriate weigh-in bag, with sufficient water, during all club-sanctioned tournaments.

a.       The Tournament Director reserves the right to disallow any fish not presented in such bag.

16. All club-sanctioned tournament start/stop times are at the sole discretion of the appointed Tournament Director.

a.      Each tournament start/stop time will be announced at the Tuesday meeting before each event

17. One draw tournament will be held in September.  Members in the lower half of the point standings will pair off with the upper half of the point’s standings.  This event will be fished as a “team”; both members get the same points for place of finish and will share the tournament winnings evenly.  Family teams (husband/wife, parent/child) are exempt from “pairing” but both members of family get the same points.  Partners for each team will be decided at the meeting prior to the event. Participation in the draw is not mandatory, but is encouraged. Anyone fishing the event alone will be considered a “team” and scored the same.


1)     1. All state and local laws must be adhered to with respect to equipment (including throw cushions, fire extinguishers and navigation lighting etc.) Safe boat operation and the observance of restricted zones on any body of water, is every member’s responsibility. All persons in the boat must wear personal Flotation Devices during operation of the gasoline-powered motor, during any Club sanctioned fishing event.

2)     2. The Club is not responsible for penalties imposed on any member, by any governing agency, for violation of laws and regulations.

3)     3. It is recommended, but not required by the Club, that all members carry, as a minimum, Liability insurance on their boats.

4)     4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted between the start and finish times of any tournament.


1)     1. The founding members of the Club created these rules. It was their intent to develop clear-cut, simple guidelines, and a unique tournament format. A certain amount of discipline is always necessary when coordinating meetings and tournaments. These rules are, at a minimum, what the members feel are necessary to accomplish that discipline. Abiding by these rules should allow for the smooth and efficient operation of these events.

2. It is the president’s responsibility to communicate the non-boater position of the club at the beginning of each regular scheduled club meeting.  The club encourages non-boaters and members who are willing to open their back seat, to identify themselves for potential pairing for each tournament.  The club does not guarantee the non-boater a seat at every tournament.