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Cast-A-Way Bass Club Points System

             The point system is based on 50 points. Each descending place of finish, in each tournament, is awarded 1 (one) point less than the participant who finished one place ahead. 1st place is awarded 50 points, 2nd is awarded 49 points, 3rd is awarded 48 points, etc. This continues until there are no other participants weighing legal fish.


                If an individual weighs a dead fish and that penalized weight is less than (<) zero lbs, that person shall be awarded the descending point value for that place of finish. For instance, an individual brings a dead fish to the scale that weighs 0.49 lbs, with the penalty of (.50) lbs the weight will be -.01lbs. That individual will be awarded the point value for the next position. If there are only 5 persons weighing fish that person will be awarded 46 points.

                In addition to the finish place points, those persons weighing fish will be awarded 1(one) point for each pound of fish weighed (no rounding up). For instance, if the first place contestant weighed a total of 5.67lbs of fish, they will be awarded an additional 5(five) points. The total points for the first place contestant shall be 55 points.

                For those tournament contestants that did not weigh a legal fish during that event, there shall be 5 (five) points awarded for traveling to and fishing the event. If a tournament is cancelled, no points will be awarded. Each member that attends the monthly meeting will be awarded 5 (five) points for attending the meeting