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                Castaway Bass Club is based out of Arlington, Texas and is a family friendly yet competitive bass club that believes in growing the sport of bass fishing.  Whether your a novice or experienced angler, you can find what your looking for in Castaway!

Texoma Results

John 2nd, Doug 1st and Big Bass, Alex 3rd

      Well, better late than never.  Sorry for the delay in posting results, but I have been busy, and a little lazy.  Everything about Texoma was great, except the fishing.  From what everyone said, it was a Striper fest.  They were fun to catch, but got a little discouraging after a while.  The feed lived up to expectations with great food, and great friends.  Enjoyed having the Shaw's there, and missed Sandi's parents, hope they can make April.  Luis had his son fishing with him, and we broke Brent in well by feeding him good.

     Ok, by the numbers. 20 Anglers took to the water in 12 boats.  there were 31 fish brought to the scales that weighed a total of 94.85 pounds.  Pretty disappointing for 2 days on Texoma, but we still had fun.  Doug had a great day 1 bringing in the only 5 fish of the tournament that went 12.89 Lbs with a Big Bass of 5.57 Lbs.  Doug didn't even need to catch any fish on day 2 to take the win.  John found 2 fish on each day for a total of 8.20 Lbs for a welcome back 2nd place, and Alex found a total of 3 fish weighing 4.87 Lbs to take 3rd.  Patterns were all over and from what everyone said, you just had to weed through the striper.

     OK, on to November.  We are supposed to go to Ray Hubbard, but it looks like the water level may prevent that.  Start thinking of alternate lakes.  November will also be Lake selection, Officer election and rules change at the meeting, so please plan on attending.  See you there.

Until next month, good fishing to all, and tight lines. 



     Thanks to a great club,


     Cast-A-Way President


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