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Castaway Bass Club

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                Castaway Bass Club is based out of Arlington, Texas and is a family friendly yet competitive bass club that believes in growing the sport of bass fishing.  Whether your a novice or experienced angler, you can find what your looking for in Castaway!

Belton Results

Tony 3rd, Alex 2nd, Mark B. 1st, Stan Big Bass


     What a great bass club.  Even with the conditions I do not think I saw anything but smiles and good times had by all.  As many pointed out, it could have been blowing north 30 MPH and 40 degrees.  I will take what we had over that.  Many of us showed up Thursday and Friday and had some good cook outs and relaxing time for 2 days before the tournament.  I think I speak for many when I say the time spent in camp on our 2-Day weekends is nearly as important as the fishing.  Had a great time sharing stories with all.


     OK, we did actually fish also, but my "By the numbers" may disappoint considering we were on Belton in April.  18 anglers took to the water in 11 boats.  Get ready for this, over 2 days only 49 fish crossed the scales for a total of 89.67 Lbs.  Now pick your jaw up off the floor.  Mark B. weighed the only limit of the tournament on Day 1 which vaulted him to his 3rd consecutive win, and 8 of our last 13 tournaments.  Alex Koch is getting back into the swing and took 2nd, with Tony Shaw shocking himself for the final money spot.  Stan got back into the Cast-A-Way kitty by taking Big Bass honors with a 3.90 Lb lunker.

     Saturday night turned into one of the best feeds in a long time.  Stan made a Dutch oven king ranch chicken that was incredible.  Sandi had her 7 can soup.  Luis brought an awesome pasta salad.  Great deserts, Jim and Jerry did the old staples of BBQ, and potato's.  Can't forget Duane's chicken poppers, just be careful you do not rub your eyes after cutting the jalapenos.  LOL  The line was long, and continues for quite some time.  Many were back in line before it had died down.  Want to personally thank all for making this a great time.

     Up next will be the Classic on Lake Grapevine.  This will be Saturday April 26th out of the Dove Ramp from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM.  Then it will be on to Ray Roberts on May 10th.  Should be a couple more great tournaments, and we are due for good weather.  Hope all goes well.

     Until next month, good fishing to all, and tight lines. 



     Thanks to a great club,


     Cast-A-Way President


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