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                Castaway Bass Club is based out of Arlington, Texas and is a family friendly yet competitive bass club that believes in growing the sport of bass fishing.  Whether your a novice or experienced angler, you can find what your looking for in Castaway!

Eagle Mountain (Night) Results

Bridgeport (Night) Results

Duane 1st and Big Bass, Alex 2nd, Jerry 3rd

Max 3rd, Jim 2nd and Big Bass, John 1st

      WOW, the night swing is usually my favorite time of year......Not this year.  With Grapevine and Joe Pool remaining to high to fish we had to do some creative scheduling.  July we went to Eagle Mountain, and August we hit Bridgeport.  Eagle Mountain ended up being the "Good" night tournament, and after an 18 fish, 26+ Lb night, I didn't think that would be possible.  Thought that going to a full Lake Bridgeport in August would be a great tournament, but it was one of the toughest nights ever for all.  7 total fish for 4.17 Lbs. (Insert blubbering tears here).

     Eagle Mountain was the lake for John this year.  After taking the daylight tournament, he followed it up with 2 good fish at night taking the win with 2 goo fish that went 5.89.  Jim tried to take it all with 1 fish, but came up a little short with his 5.5 lb fish to take second and Big Bass.  Max found the most fish, but with 4 fish weighing a mere 4.84 Lbs, it was only good enough for 3rd.  In August we moved on to a promising Bridgeport.  (Insert hysterical laughter here).  Duane brought in 3 fish for 2.02 Lbs to take the win.  He also had a "Big" Bass that was 0.96 Lb for Big Bass honors.  Can not remember the last time Big Bass was under a pound.  Alex was fishing with Duane and got 2 fish to weigh 0.99 Lb to take second.  Jerry took advantage of the fish John caught napping at weigh in to take 3rd with a 0.37 Lb monster.  Glad these 2 tournaments are behind us.

     Next month we are on to Cedar Creek.  Hope we can turn the luck around.  Should be interesting.  It has been a very off year with the high water, then heat, high skies, and no more rain.  Hard to believe, with the fact that we went 41 days with no rain, that the lakes are just now getting to a fishable water level.  Really hope the fish are getting hungry.

     October we are doing Bob Sandlin and Cypress Springs.  So looking forward to this.  I think most have gotten camping reservations, but if you do not, better hurry.  Always enjoy the 2-days.

Until next month, good fishing to all, and tight lines. 



     Thanks to a great club,


     Cast-A-Way President


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